We ensure your content creates value.

The online network is an indispensable part of target audiences’ experience. We provide solutions and tools to help your content achieve its optimal value. We employ intelligent technology (web optimization and SEO) and our data driven market strategies. We design customer journeys based on your content, and make use of methods such as marketing automation. In need of a social media campaign? We do that too.

We work for

Publishing companies | Business associations | Media companies | Corporate companies | SMEs | Governments

Modern marketing technology

‘With the use of innovative tools we ensure optimal SEO and conversion rate optimization’

Social Media | WordPress | Webdesign | Woocommerce | Apps (iOS and Android) | Digital Publications | MyMultichannel

Multi-talented professionals

‘We work with creative teams of art directors, programmers, and marketing managers to shape the commercial presence of your content’
  • Production Studio the Netherlands
    Our studio in Velsen-Noord houses our team of art directors, web designers, developers, marketing managers, and project managers. Together, they ensure our high-quality products and services are delivered to our clients on time.
  • SaaS
    Our in-house software, designed to optimize the customer journey and analyze data usage, is at your disposal. Opting in to our software is easy, and our SaaS solutions mean you no longer need to invest in the purchase, installation, and maintenance of additional software. Our specialists work together with your IT department, ensuring you maintain control of your content.
  • Outsource Asia
    Colorscan runs several production studios in Asia. Additionally, we work together with business partners in the region, who specialize in SEO and digital conversion of magazines to interactive online content, for web, iPad and in-store application usage.
  • Partners
    Together with our partners, we develop and improve the customer journey. Based on a thorough analysis of your content and customers, our marketing managers advise you on the best strategies with which to approach your target audience. Through automated marketing campaigns, or by means of a targeted social media campaign, we ensure your content creates value. Our bespoke partnership goes beyond a one-time application of standard solutions.